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Jim Trainor

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Jim's new novel
of risk-taking, danger and love--
and the surprising discovery that things that were lost can still be found.
Mail Girl
   Available in softcover and Kindle 
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Jim Trainor talks about Mail Girl

Shelby Sims, a mail carrier in rural Wisconsin, has had her share of adversity. But now she’s headed west to parts unknown in her old Buick. Maybe she’s fleeing, maybe she’s searching. But what she’ll find will be nothing like she expected.


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What readers are saying about Mail Girl:


" ... overflows with suspense and surprising twists..."


“… great development of the main character (Shelby Sims), around whom all the other rich characters revolve. Helped me pass some lonely COVID days in good company.”

“I was sorry to see it end!”

“This is a book you won't want to put down.”

“… very engaging, and well written.”

“How nice to sit in front of the fireplace and enjoy a well-written, compelling story about characters who feel authentic and understandable.”

“… like most people, it was easy to relate to a shaky sense of self worth and fear of risk that both Shelby and Andrew struggle with. I highly recommend this book.”

“Beautifully rendered, compelling characters—a fine read.”

 “A moving, inspiring, and comforting read. Enjoyable on all counts!

“Page turner.”

"... an uplifting and hope-filled journey for the reader in search of more to life than simply the next obstacle ..."

"Shelby and Andrew are so relatable, go through so much, learning as they go, as we all go, and I could see my own resilience in theirs."

“Once again, Jim Trainor's characters are vulnerable and resilient as they survive on the oppressive, frightening, and discouraging actions of others and the deadly powers of nature.”

“ … very difficult to put down.”

 "… love the way he is able to interweave physics, spirituality , and love."

“Two unforgettable characters.”

“I enjoyed being swept along by Mail Girl!” 

 “Loved Mail Girl!” 

"I am buying several more copies to give away as gifts!"

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